Jersey Airport Retail Arena Redevelopment

The Challenge

Jersey Airport (Channel Islands) required a complete overhaul of its airside retail facilities to improve its non-aviation revenues and involve more local retailers.
The Airport and the Island Government wanted an experienced airport retail consultant with an outside non-UK view to conduct this process.

Our Role

The retail redevelopment process asked for guidance, courage and investment from all stakeholders to remain focused as the economic crisis unfolded and retail companies were sold or merged.

InterVISTAS conducted this retail redevelopment process from A to Z during a period of 3 years, from first idea to the opening of the new retail arena.


In September 2009, the new airside departures lounge was officially opened. The results are as expected: a 35% increase in revenues per passenger. The investments of airport and retailers are paying off and the Jersey Airport passenger experience has dramatically improved. InterVISTAS received praise from the Island Government and all the other stakeholders.