Province of Alberta Evaluation of International and Transborder Air Access

The Challenge

With the population split between two major metropolitan centres and carriers concentrating on the larger Canadian gateways, Alberta struggled to capture increased non-stop international services.  Recognizing the essential role air access plays in tourism development, ATPR need to understand how air access was developing versus the rest of the country and in comparison to comparable North American markets.

Our Role

InterVISTAS developed a quality of service based index that allowed multi-year trending of air access quality across the top tier Canadian airports and allowed direct comparison of the service across airports.  The analysis addressed not only direct capacity but the effectiveness and availability of the possible travel itineraries.


The analysis provided ATPR critical information to target air service development improvement for long term improvement while enabling a better focus of tourism initiatives in the shorter term based upon the relative ease of access to the province.  ATPR was able to work with its partners and stakeholders to develop effective strategies to optimize the strength of the current service, target short term improvements and build long term air service quality.