Bombardier, Flexjet and Skyjet Strategic Support Services

The Challenge

Bombardier needed business aviation consultancy services for its two marquee operating subsidiaries. Flexjet is one of the world’s largest fractional aircraft operating companies and Skyjet is an online broker of business aviation charter services.

Our Role

During InterVISTAS’ engagement, we recommended and completed a range of cutting-edge studies that helped all three businesses strengthen their market position.  Recognizing that the “for hire” business aviation market was becoming more complex as service options increased, we created a consumer-focused strategy study to educate potential business aviation users about the array of choices that are now available to them. We defined each category, and through the use of concepts that someone who was not an industry “insider” would understand, explored the pitfalls and benefits of each. Financial, operational and flexibility considerations were the key barometers by which each service offering was compared.


InterVISTAS received extremely positive feedback from the industry – both providers and consumers – about the strategy study. Bombardier adopted it as a key component of their marketing material. InterVISTAS also devised sophisticated financial models that allowed Bombardier to consider new ways to financially structure their aircraft lift business units. We reviewed potential new operating structures, aircraft ownership structures and a range of other efficiency-generating business concepts.