Berlin Schönefeld Airport Airside Retail Redevelopment

The Challenge

Berlin Schönefeld Airport (SXF; 6.8 m pax in 2009) will cease to exist when Berlin Brandenburg International (BBI) Airport becomes. The non-aviation revenues during SFX’s remaining lifespan had to be optimized for as long as possible.

Our Role

Berliner Flughäfen asked InterVISTAS in 2004-2005 to redevelop the different airside retail clusters in the various terminal buildings of SXF. The projected result of the project was an eventual increase of the retail spend per passenger from € 2.60 (2004) to € 4.00 in the first full year after redevelopment.


Retail spend airside reached more than € 5.00 in 2007. The results exceeded the client’s expectations. Key improvements were the targeting of duty-free products at British passengers and a large range of food & beverage and packaged food offers targeted at low-cost airline passengers.