Association of Asia Pacific Airlines US Security & Transportation Government Relations

The Challenge

Kuala Lumpur-based Association of Asia Pacific Airlines (AAPA) represents 17 member airlines that serve approximately one-fifth of global passenger traffic and one-third of global air cargo traffic.  The evolution of policies impacting 285 million passengers a year is critical to AAPA’s mandate.

Our Role

To assist AAPA’s mission, InterVISTAS provides strategic advisory services on a range of US government issues in security and transportation policy.  Representing AAPA’s interests in Washington, D.C., drafting rulemaking submissions, supporting visits to Capitol Hill representatives and providing intelligence and analysis in emerging policy areas are some of the services provided by InterVISTAS staff.


Through InterVISTAS work, AAPA has improved its effectiveness to work with the US federal government on a range of issues.  InterVISTAS’ Washington Aviation Newsletter further has helped the client track current and emerging issues to assist with member airlines’ interests.