Saint John Airport Inc. Master Plan 2010-2030

The Challenge

Ten years after the transfer of airport operations and management from Transport Canada to a local airport authority, Saint John Airport Inc. (SJAI) needed assistance in developing a comprehensive strategy aimed at ensuring it adopts the most appropriate program for airport infrastructure rehabilitation and land development.

Our Role

InterVISTAS reviewed, validated, confirmed and/or revised a number of proposals under consideration by SJAI. Our team made a number of tactical recommendations, along with important infrastructure and land development proposals relating to modifications to the runway system configuration, expansion of the taxiway system, a flexible staged air terminal building expansion program, and a commercial land development strategy.


The 20-year Airport Master Plan provides SJAI with a program that will enable infrastructure maintenance cost savings and maximization of existing systems. It also provides a plan for airfield and air terminal building capacity that is adaptable to the evolution of market demand. The end result provides the airport authority with a strategy for sustainable and financially viable operations in the future.