InterVISTAS financial service provides advisory services worldwide to parties on the buy and sell side of transactions to tap private financing for aviation infrastructure including airlines, airports and other assets. Our approach employs a 360° analysis that attempts to maximize the value to the government-owner, the regulator, the investor and the consumers.

InterVISTAS financial services optimize financial performance by tailoring revenue enhancement and cost mitigation initiatives in a way that is consistent with the unique strategic directions of each operator. The approach considers industry trends and best practices, develops risk strategies in volatile markets, and examines various approaches to pricing.

The financial services include:

  • Financial analysis and feasibility
  • Revenue management, pricing strategies, and rates and charges analysis
  • Cost mitigation initiatives and risk management
  • Operating expenditure and capital expenditure planning
  • Investor and partner Identification
  • Stakeholder negotiations
  • Regulatory advocacy
  • Transition planning