The Evolving U.S. – Canada Border Security Relationship

Solomon Wong speaks at the CBAA/NBAA Border Issues Seminar in Toronto, Ontario.

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Building New Capacity

Future changes and possibilities of enhancing border processing at airports is discussed within this presentation where highlights of the traditional border process are examined along with the advantages of introducing automated border processes. The main component of introducing automated border processes is to allow for rapid processing of known or “trusted” travelers, while focusing valuable…

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Privatization and Public Private Partnership Models at Airports Around the World

The role of privatization and public/private partnerships (PPP) may be seen as a capital investment for infrastructure development, air service development for business growth, commercial development for optimal sustainability and customer service improvement for competitiveness. This presentation highlights privatization and public private partnerships models of various global airports all the while highlighting a systematic approach…

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Aviation Industry Update

An aviation industry update was provided at the Manitoba Aviation Council. The industry update provided an outlook on the North American economy, impacts of fuel costs and their effects on aircraft orders, forward looking trends in the Canadian workforce and an outlook on the Canadian and Manitoba economies. Presented by Karla Petri at the MAC…

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Putting the Canadian Footing in a Global Context

A review of the aviation industry and the global economy that analyses impacts on new aircraft decisions in the midst of rising fuel prices and carbon forecasting. Presented by Mike Tretheway at the CAC 2011 Conference in Ottawa, Ontario.

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